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Digital Marketing or Print Marketing – Which is the best?

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

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Every business owner needs to figure out the right marketing strategy for increasing sales. Normally, we all are aware of newspaper ads, pamphlets, flex banners, billboard ads, and similar expensive print media marketing strategies that local store owners use to reach their customers. Apart from such practices, entrepreneurs are now moving towards social media marketing to register their regular presence to the customers. Business page owners keep sharing festival posts and offer in various groups, messages, and profile timelines. We know that manually doing such things takes time and effort equally. But, if you provide time, will it be easy for you to concentrate on doing business? Of course not! Here comes Digital marketing!

So, read this article carefully to learn about the best marketing platforms and strategies for growing your businesses.

Why Print Media Marketing is really expensive as compared to Digital Marketing?

Marketing BenefitsPrint Media MarketingDigital Marketing
Requires Man PowerYesNo
AD Duration in Rs.5000 Budget1-2 Days10-15 Days
Video ContentsNot PossiblePossible
Image ContentsPossiblePossible
Can Customers Take Immediate Action?NoYes by Clicking on Links/Buttons
Is Customer Targeting Possible?NoYes (Location, Age, Interest, etc based)
Can I get Engagement Metrics after ADs end?NoYes (Audience Reached, Link Clicks, Video Views, etc.)
Can I retarget customers who have seen my ADs?NoYes (by Analytics & Pixels)
Can I get audience feedback on my ADs?NoYes (Through Forms & Whatsapp Chats)
Comparison between Traditional ADs vs Digital Marketing

Print Media takes a lot of hard work and effort to publish your content and make it reach your audience. Normally if we calculate, a Quarter page advertisement is charged around 5000+ Indian Rupees for publishing an advertisement in a local newspaper. That ad is applicable for one day and also we are not aware of no. of peoples it reached. Overall we can consider it as a blind game and unworthy nowadays because most of us consume content online and spend almost 35% of our daily hours on smartphones watching videos, reading articles, searching for solutions, and scrolling social media feeds. Do you really think that spending money on pamphlet distributions can get you better leads? it takes manpower for distributions, and most of the pamphlets are dumped within 5-15 minutes on roads.

Thus, we understand that people need a better solution for marketing their businesses, which needs to be easy, targeted, and result-oriented. Digital Marketing includes various strategies and platforms to promote your business in a result-oriented manner. You can get targeted leads from remote locations and show your ads to the authority who can purchase and have decision-making permissions for purchasing your products.

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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – Hackshade Technologies, Raipur

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